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QSS Partner is 15 years old

QSS Partner was founded in Székesfehérvár in January 2008. The primary aim was to provide visibility for the QlikView business intelligence platform in the Hungarian market and make the importance of business intelligence known in general. The main activity of the company is business consulting and software distribution. In 2016 QlikView was replaced by the even more fine-tuned Qlik Sense. Since then the sale of the former has stopped, although support is still an important task for us. 


The most important business branch after 15 years is still Qlik Sense and the expertise of colleagues is extensive: sales, implementation, development, consulting, system administration, and education is among our services as well. Our product range also includes the Corporate Planner solution from Germany, thus making us able to help our partners in all corporate processes, from operational and financial planning to data analysis and decision-making.


The first few months in 2008 were spent with calling all acquaintances, friends, partners, former colleagues and business associates with the hope that they were in need for such a solution. Priorities were different at the time though as the economic crisis fundamentally changed the world and resources had to be allocated elsewhere by most potential customers. Initial ideas and strategies of QSS needed adjustment too as the crisis deemed especially difficult for a small start-up.


In the first years the team consisted of three people who managed to establish several business relations with small and larger companies, some of which are still active and prosperous. The real breakthrough happened with the BI project of Coats Magyarország Ltd. in 2015. The request of the customer was to build one centralized system from the SAP systems used on four continents. This was the first real challenge with QlikView that required more serious technical preparation due to the international logistics, complexity and diverse needs of the project. Not only a large company server but a test environment has been implemented and the initial number of users reached up to 80 people. It became clear at this point that the solution is really capable of everything that is said in the description and the promotion materials. The implementation of the project resulted in significant sales revenue, that helped to increase the stability of the company and thus expansion could begin.


The company reached its current permanent staff number of seven in 2016, a number that can be supported by external analysts at project level if needed. At QSS Partner company processes were developed in an ad hoc manner in the early years with a small number of employees, and in an uncertain economic situation every small business opportunity was greeted with great pleasure. Long-term strategy was not among the priorities for a long time, but as the team grew and the number of clients and projects increased more emphasis had to be put on strategic planning.


The income of the company has been constant in recent years, even during the pandemic when many projects failed. The market has witnessed a decrease in the number of new customers in the industry worldwide. While former and active partners are satisfied, the trend shows that the systems currently in use are preferred, with no capacity or funds for new implementations. Existing customers expand the number of their users and develop new applications, business intelligence is introduced to other functional areas, but the shift to cloud solutions in Hungary is still a slow process.


Direct and clear communication plays an important role in our business relationships. Our commitment to work and develop together with our partners has proven helpful in many cases. After a thorough examination of company processes, communication and expectations towards project management with an emphasis on the availability of human resources are we able to successfully develop the best solutions together. To nurture personal relationships and become familiar with processes is essential in the world of business. In contrast to the long and tiresome processes with larger companies, assigning and execution of tasks can often be faster with QSS.