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Qlik Data Analytics®

Most companies still struggle to achieve significant success with the ever growing amount of data. We can help with that. 

Improve your company's opportunities. 

Qlik Data Integration®

Qlik's DataOps approach for loading real time data. In order to keep your company's leader position you need to have access to your data in your preferred cloud solution.

Qlik Cloud®

Qlik's own cloud service. Enjoy the advantages of this open SaaS platform while loading, storing or analysing data. Hybrid option is accessible also. Step into the world of active analytics.

Qlik Sense®

User-friendly business intelligence on your computer, phone and tablet. Use it on Qlik's own cloud solution or on-premise.

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Qlik NPrinting®

Effective distribution of visualization within your organization. Flexible, dynamic and timed reports whenever you need them.


The flagship of business intelligence. It laid down the basics of BI, but became a little obsolete after the introduction of Qlik Sense, a more modern tool.

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Qlik Replicate®

Replicate, synchronize, distribute, consolidate and ingest data across all major databases, data warehouses and Hadoop, on-premises and in the cloud.

Qlik Compose®

Qlik's universal solution helps organizations to extend enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices in real-time.

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Qlik Catalog®

Enable the use of an enterprise-scale catalog of all the data your organization has available for analytics, no matter where it is. Qlik Cloud or on-premise, the choice is yours.

Qlik Enterprise Manager®

An intuitive management interface for the Qlik Data Integration to help you design, execute, and monitor Qlik Replicate® and Qlik Compose® tasks across large business landscapes.

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Qlik Gold Client®

Qlik Gold Client improves the efficiency, cost and security of managing test data in SAP environments, all with keeping data integrity and optimizing storage.

Qlik Alerting®

Go way beyond simple KPI thresholds with Alerting. Spot outliers and anomalies easily by using trends and advanced statistics, sophisticated alert logic and monitoring.

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